Merilon is seeking Global Strategic Partnerships...


Strategic Partners

Merilon will openly consider expressions of interest from potential partner firms and individuals - from any country - who believe they could bring value to the company, its mission and the concepts that have been briefly outlined on the Projects page. See below for more specific details for either category.


Co-Founding Partners

Merilon is seeking Co-founding partners with core competence and or experience in Investment Banking/Capital raising, Technolog Start-ups, Business Development, Business Incubation and TV/Film Production to help fast track the company plans and setup an additional office tentatively in Dubai, Europe, or New York (pending sufficient interest).


Synergistic Partners

We welcome the opportunity to hear from potential partner firms with core competence and or experience in Reality TV Production and Distribution, IT/Web development, Digital Media Advertising firms and Brand placement sponsors and Investors.

  • Reality TV Production partner and Global TV Media Distribution partner,
  • IT/Web development partners,
  • Digital Media Advertising partners,
  • Business Incubation partner,
  • Investors,
  • Brand placement advertising partners



To discuss any of the above please contact us via our email address.



Merilon is seeking strategic partners and investors to help establish and accelerate our project development. Please contact us if interested in discussing ways you may get involved, such as co-development, financially, or otherwise.









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