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Merilon is a "Seed-Accelerator / Incubator" and investment holding company.



Merilon is developing a number of Reality TV concepts and Web 2.0 & Apps (for the iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets & Smartphones), that are in various stages of conceptual and pre-development.

Our mission is to be a new "Seed Accelerator / Incubator" - to create and co-develop projects from concept to launch.

We are in search of Co-founding Partners, Strategic Partner Firms and "accredited" Angel Investors to help set up and establish the holding structure and "special purpose vehicles" prior to a private capital raising and later through ASSOB - a small scale public capital offering board in Australia. Contact us for more information about our Concept projects, funding plans or involvement.



Merilon's founding principals have a track record in successful business development and management. The Merilon Team, together with external strategic partners, will enable Merilon to have a diverse range of capabilities, to further develop those ideas that get selected and the new team members that win the mandate to come on board and develop the business idea(s) further - with immediate funding and all the needs of a start-up company in place for them to just continue on.



Merilon Group is currently based in Sydney, Australia. An offshore base is under consideration for Europe and the UAE - pending sufficient investor interest from abroad.

See Investors page for further details regarding this issue.



Merilon is seeking strategic partners and investors to help establish and accelerate our project development. Please contact us if interested in discussing ways you may get involved, such as co-development, financially, or otherwise.









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